About P&S Williams Refrigeration Ltd

    Since 1991, P&S Williams Refrigeration Ltd has been providing businesses in London and surrounding counties with first-class commercial refrigeration services. By keeping up with and investing in the latest advancements in the field has meant we’ve thrived within the refrigeration business for over 30 years.

    The team at P&S Williams Refrigeration Ltd can tailor services to your unique requirements to ensure we provide you with a bespoke service every time. We have expertise in all cooling, including hospitality refrigeration, freezers, ice machines, and HVAC.



    Our Group of Companies

    P&S Williams Refrigeration belongs to the same family of companies as TAG Catering Equipment and CaterKit.

    TAG Catering Equipment specialises in the design and installation of bespoke kitchens and cook suites for fine-dining, Michelin-starred restaurants and 5* hotels.

    CaterKit have the expertise and experience to support all hospitality and food service clients with commercial catering equipment repairs across Hertfordshire, London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and the Home Counties.

    All companies work synonymously, so if you don’t feel that P&S Williams refrigeration is the right fit for you, or you require certain specialist expertise, we have a team or company that can help.

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